Picking a Job and a Boss

A new job may look good on paper, but upon closer inspection, you may have further questions. A great way to find out more about a potential position is to ask the boss some tough questions.

This may also help you decide whether this is the boss you want to work for on a daily basis,

Karthik Balachandrarajan covers topic of selecting a boss along with a career in this piece.

Here is a good excerpt on the "characteristics of a good boss."

What are the characteristics you should look for in a boss. 1. Calling shots is not their dream: In fact remarkable bosses don’t care about control. They help others to achieve their objectives.

2. Facilitates learning: “It's easy for a boss to debrief an employee and turn a teachable moment into a lesson learned. It's a lot harder to let employees learn their own lessons, even though the lessons we learn on our own are the lessons we remember forever.” says Jeff Haden.

3 Welcomes ideas from employees: Remarkable bosses don’t force you to do a task the way they want it done. They will give you the autonomy, and let the employee go in with their eyes wide open. They see the potential within employees and know the ways in which they can bring out the best in employees.

4. They don’t seek credit: There have been many instances in my first job, where the overseas managers were upset with certain project deliverables, but, our boss supported our team. He knew that to do otherwise undermine the employee's credibility and possibly authority. And he never seeks credit for standing up for you, and doesn’t say anything, because he knows it is the right thing to do.

5. They believe in their employees: When an employee makes a mistake, it is easy for a boss to avoid giving similar work to that employee. But one mistake, or one weakness, is just one part of the whole person. Remarkable bosses on the other hand help the employee get over their weaknesses and help them get through the tough times. They forgive, they forget, but, they maintain the belief on their employees.

6. Great bosses act as inspiration for their employees to achieve company goals, at the same time they help the employees achieve their personal goals.

The boss is an important component of a job and job seekers shouldn't rest or accept a position until they "get to know" the boss.

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