How to be a Super Bowl MVP in your Job Search

Super Bowl LI (that would be 51 for you non-Roman numeral enthusiasts) is upon us, and this year’s match-up features the New England Patriots making their record ninth appearance in the big game against the Atlanta Falcons, who will be a participant for only the second occasion in their franchise history. The contest will also highlight the two leading candidates for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award – Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons signal-caller Matt Ryan – both of whom possess a multitude of traits that not only exhibit what it takes to be an MVP football player, but also an MVP job seeker. With that in mind let’s outline some of those distinct attributes Brady and Ryan enjoy, and that can benefit you in identifying and securing your next position in the workplace. WORK HARD: Playing football at a high level isn’t easy, and neither is searching for employment. More than anything else, both Brady and Ryan are known for being the first players to arrive in the locker room, and the last to leave. It’s that dedication and due diligence which help deliver positive results. And the same is inherently true when it comes to finding that right job, as you must be willing to put in the time with endless preparation and research. Hard work always equates to success in the end. IMPLEMENT A PLAN: While Brady and Ryan each have the capability to “draw up plays in the dirt” if needed, they would never be where they are today without having a game plan to work with. Well it’s no different when it comes to searching for a job. It’s essential that you have a strategy in place – set goals you’d like to accomplish, devote a certain amount of time each day to your search, and most importantly, stay disciplined in sticking to your approach. BE AGGRESSIVE: Brady and Ryan aren’t afraid to take chances on the field, and you can’t be either when it comes to your job search. Certainly there are good aggressive behaviors and bad aggressive behaviors, but if you are prepared as outlined above, you will know how assertive you can be. When it comes to introducing yourself to a prospective employer, or following up with a company you’ve already interviewed with, there is nothing wrong with being tactfully aggressive. In fact, in a majority of cases that behavior will send a positive message. SHOW TENACITY: It’s the age old saying…. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Brady exhibited that mindset as a back-up quarterback in his early college days at Michigan, and Ryan answered all of the critics who were calling for his head after a dismal showing last season by turning in his MVP-worthy performance this year. Continue to reach out to prospective employers and people in your network that can help you. Tenacity is a beautiful thing! REMAIN CONFIDENT: While never cocky, both Brady and Ryan are extremely confident athletes who deeply believe in their respective abilities. Again, searching for a job can be a mentally challenging and draining endeavor. You must stay positive and resolute in your quest, and never allow negativity to creep into your head. As Brady and Ryan can surely attest, you win some, and you lose some. But you never give up hope. To do so is self-defeating. SEEK GUIDANCE: As great as they are, Brady and Ryan can’t do what they do all by themselves. They have to be reliant on coaches, teammates, trainers and other staff members if they are to be successful. The same applies for a job search, as seeking guidance from a professional recruiter can be the difference between succeeding and failing. Not only can recruiters uncover job opportunities that no one else might know about, but just like head coaches Bill Belichick and Dan Quinn, recruiters can provide supervision and direction so you can always put your best foot forward. STAND OUT: When NFL franchises are preparing for the college draft, they are prospective employers. And one of the most important attributes they look for are candidates who stand out either on game film or in an interview. While the Falcons selected Ryan early in the first round, Brady wasn’t taken by the Patriots until round six. But he impressed them with his work ethic, as well as his leadership potential. The same holds true in your job search. It’s imperative that your resume – the de facto introduction to hiring authorities – in some way stands out from all the others in the pile. So whether it’s citing your unique accomplishments, responsibilities or credentials, being able to separate yourself from the other job seekers in the market is what will ultimately pique the interest of employers. Tom Brady and Matt Ryan are MVP worthy because they have followed these guidelines. If you adhere to the same principles in your respective job search you will surely find yourself being worthy of MVC status – Most Valuable Candidate. To connect with Randi about job opportunities, or if you are an employer looking to hire top talent, e-mail her at: (404) 395-4185

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