True Love: 14 signs you love your job

As February 14 and Valentine’s Day draws closer, take a minute to appreciate how this special day on the calendar relates to love in all its many forms.

When we think about this 24-hour period of time meant to celebrate L’Amour and all that comes with it – hearts and angels, greeting cards and flowers, and chocolate confections of various shapes and flavors – it’s quite natural to first and foremost consider that special human love interest in our life.

However, aside from boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives, we should also be mindful of those other relationships in our existence that bring us joy when we have love for them.

And I’m not talking about our sons or daughters, other family members, friends, and pets….not that there’s anything wrong with them or that!

We also happen to have intimate relationships in the workplace, too. After all, we intersect with our bosses and co-workers on a daily basis, and the resulting emotions from those associations involve experiencing either a positive or negative state of mind.

So, do you love your job? Here are -- quite appropriately, I might add – 14 signs that you do:

  1. Going to work every day is something you look forward to because you actually enjoy the time you spend there.

  2. Your supervisor/boss is a person that you work with, not for.

  3. You are motivated by one goal over anything else: to never let your co-workers down.

  4. Attending meetings are cool because of the camaraderie involved.

  5. There is never a need to watch the clock unless it involves meeting a deadline.

  6. You’re eager to help anyone with anything, and also willing to do so without having any reservations.

  7. You’d have no problem referring a friend to work at your company if a job opening became available.

  8. When you leave work at the end of the day, you’re excited about undertaking the items on your to-do list when you return the next morning.

  9. You take work home with you not because you have to, but because you want to.

  10. You view your success in terms of personal fulfillment and gratification, not just from receiving pay raises and promotions.

  11. You believe that what you do actually matters.

  12. You never think about surviving on the job. Instead, you think about winning on the job because that will take care of everything else.

  13. You talk about other people at work with enthusiasm for what they’re doing as opposed to jealousy that you’re not in their shoes.

  14. You don’t think about retirement because the very thought of retirement sounds boring compared to what you’re doing at work.

If you can relate to a majority of the statements above, then rejoice because you’re lucky enough to be part of a loving and caring work environment. But if most of those signs don’t come anywhere close to how you feel about your current job situation, then it’s time for you to consider how to change what you do, or change how you do it!

So, surround yourself with people who appreciate you, focus on what you do best, and most importantly, enjoy some good chocolate.

St. Valentine would recommend it with love.

If you’re seeking a position you want to love, OR, if you’re an employer who would love to hire top talent, contact Randi at:

Happy Heart Day Everyone!!!!

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