Honoring My Mother

Along with being all the many things that go with being “a Mother”, my Mom – Marilyn – also happened to be my professional mentor and role model.

It was she who taught me the basic tenets involved in being part of the recruiting industry, and helped guide me through the beginning of my career with great patience and wisdom.

When Mom passed away 17 years ago, this March 12th, I truly set out on my own path. And over the course of this journey I have evolved into being the recruiter that I am today. It was the lessons she taught me in those early times spent by her side that helped establish and shape the essence of what I do… and how I do it.

At the very core of that is something my mother always told me: building solid relationships with people – both personally and professionally – was the key to her success. While she believed strongly that likeability at all levels was of the utmost importance, she also made it clear to me that it wasn’t guaranteed, as some clients and colleagues would take naturally to me and my personality, and some would not.

Boy, was she right about that! 😊

She would say, “people work with people they feel comfortable with, and no matter what, building trustful relationships is genuinely paramount.” That’s why I value the connections I have built with my clients and candidates – they might all be different, but that uniqueness is what makes them meaningful and beautiful.

Conscientiously, I am always seeking ways to improve on the nuances of recruiting that I gleaned from my mother’s training. I am also acutely aware that what I learned from her then, I still carry with me today.

Here are just a few things I wanted to share that my Mother taught me:

Listen --- The most important thing that we must do as recruiters is to listen and be attentive to what our clients and candidates are telling us. Yes, we must ask questions to find out what type of candidates to search for, or if a certain candidate has the skills needed for the position. However, after asking each question, we must stop talking for a moment and carefully listen to our clients and candidates. This was the hardest thing for my Mother to get me to learn early on 😊 – trust me, it takes practice.

Exceptional Communications --- Who thinks kindly of someone who doesn’t communicate clearly or often? I certainly do not, and I wouldn’t think kindly of someone who ignored my phone calls or emails. I know how busy it can get for recruiters; I have been there! However, the worst mistake you can make is to NOT communicate clearly and often with your candidates and clients. Any relationship that you have built and maintained can quickly deteriorate if you are ignoring phone calls or emails. My Mom drilled me on this often.

Positivity--- My Mother shared being positive with people was a big key to her success. The triangle that exists between client, candidate and recruiter is a delicate one. More than anything, being able to navigate through a search process in a smooth manner is of great significance. Setting a positive tone starts with the recruiter right out of the gate.

Exceed Expectations---From either side of the equation, everyone wants someone who’s willing to work beyond hard for them. Candidates will relish you for being that “cheerleader” advocate for them, while clients will savor your ability to understand company culture and what it takes to fit into their respective workplace environment. My Mother taught me to set expectations all the way around, and then always look to exceed them.

Possess Trust--- My Mother was right…. trust is something that is earned. It’s what solid communication starts with. Honesty. Reliability. Comfort. It works the other way around, too. A recruiter must trust YOU. Otherwise a viable recruiting partnership won’t last very long, or won’t happen at all.

In closing, my Mother impressed upon me to build relationships with others I feel a natural connection and ease of communication with. Thank you, Mom, for your teachings, business acumen and wisdom, and for allowing me to continue building what you started. For all this I am eternally grateful.

Randi is looking to build relationships. Contact Randi at: randi@recruitingspec.com.

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