10 Signs You May Be a Workaholic

It's July 5, and if you are at work or working, you might just be a workaholic. You see July 5, is National Workaholics Day!

If you spend a majority of your time at work — or planning for work, thinking about work, or traveling to or for work, these are signs you might be a workaholic, and you don't even know it.

Chances are, those closest to you- family and friends may know it and worry about what you consider priorities and if you have any down time. I tell my clients and candidates that "balance" is one of the keys to success in the workplace. It's also one of the keys to success in life.

10 signs you might be a workaholic: 1. You spend the majority of your time at "work" 2. You can't log out, or log off 3. You hide work from your loved ones to avoid being called a workaholic 4. Your mind is at work, even if you physically are not 5. You are constantly tired and never feel 100% 6. You doze off with your phone or tablet in hand (on a somewhat regular basis) 7. You say “yeah, but” quite a bit (because you can't stop thinking about work) 8. You wake up with pen marks on your face (not a great look) or a note pad in your lap. You fell asleep with the "Penske file" in hand or worse, a Sharpie or highlighter 9. You don’t have any hobbies or activities outside of work. Which means "work" is

almost ALL you talk about 10. You lose track of time as you miss dinners, birthday parties, etc 11. You put "eleven" items in a list of ten. Or you after reading the first ten, you are looking for item eleven... lol

National Workaholics Day isn't just a day to make fun of our hardworking friends and relatives, but a day where we can offer help. If there is a workaholic in your life, ask them to take the day off and take them out to do something fun. Perhaps a trip to a theme park or a hike? The term "workaholic" was coined in the 1960s, but the word still lives on today as we have out phones and laptops with us at all times.

Add some balance to your life and have some fun!

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